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Oil Sample Pump for Oil Analysis

Oil Sample Pump Instructions

Oil Sample Pump Image

To illustrate how the G1206-EA Oil Sample Pump attaches to the oil sample bottle and hose, we are using a photo that shows an older pump. Please visit our Oil Anaylsis page to see the new Oil Sample Pump.

When sampling engines:

  • Measure length or depth of fill port tube, reservoir or dipstick.
  • Add six (6) inches and mark the measurement on the tubing.
  • Cut the tubing 12 inches beyond this mark.
  • Insert tubing onto top of vacuum pump and tighten lock ring.
  • Remove sample jar lid and attach jar to bottom of vacuum pump and tighten securely.
  • Insert tubing into fill port, reservoir or dipstick retaining tube only to the mark on the tubing. To avoid drawing settled debris into the sample, do not allow contact between tubing and bottom of reservoir.
  • Push and pull vacuum pump plunger until sample jar is 3/4 full.
  • When sample reaches shoulder of jar, unscrew jar from pump, replace jar lid and tighten securely.
  • Unscrew pump locking ring, remove tubing and drain excess oil back into reservoir.
  • Discard tubing after each sample to avoid cross contamination.
  • Complete sample jar label and affix to sample jar.

For more information on Oil Analyzers, Inc., including how to order the Oil Sample Pump and Oil Analysis Test Kits, go to www.SuperOilCentral.com or call 315-331-4642.



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