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AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Equipment Natural Gas Engine Oil
SAE 40 (20w)

Premium Lubrication for Natural Gas Engines in Industrial and Commercial Generators, Compressors, Other Stationary NG Equipment


SAE 40 Oil Formulated to Meet Low Ash Requirements

AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Equipment Engine OilAMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil delivers continuous protection in stationary natural gas engines calling for an SAE 40, low-ash lubricant. Its shear-stable formula qualifies it as a multi-grade 20w40, so it can be used over a broad ambient temperature range, reducing the need for seasonal oil changes.

AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil is recommended for 4-stroke and select 2-stroke NG engines including Bergen, Caterpillar, Cooper-Bessemer, Jenbacher, MAN BW, MWM Deutz, Niigata, Ruston, Superior, Waukesha, and more.

  • SAE 40, yet qualifies as a multi-grade 20w40 for cold temperature performance
  • Reduces the need for seasonal oil changes
  • Low ash (<0.5%) minimizes carbon deposits
  • Reduces maintenance and extends equipment life
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Naturally resistant to nitration for maximum protection
  • Low zinc and phosphorus for prolonged life of emission catalyst systems
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AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil
Product Code
ANGS05-EA 5-Gallon Pail
ANGS55-EA 55-Gallon Drum
ANGS27-EA 275-Gallon Tote
Wholesale prices available for retail and commercial accounts.
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A True SAE 40 With Low-Temperature (20w) Performance

AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil is a true SAE 40 oil yet, due to its synthetic formulation, it passes SAE 20W viscosity specifications for low-temperature performance without the use of special additives. It remains fluid in extremely cold temperatures, resisting the low-temperature congealing that often occurs in petroleum oils. AMSOIL Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil circulates quickly to critical engine components to ensure fast, easy cold-weather engine start-ups and ideal protection under frigid conditions.

Controls Wear

AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil is formulated with low sulfated ash to minimize carbon deposits and port blockage, resulting in reduced maintenance and extended equipment life. Advanced anti-wear and anti-scuff protection helps control valve recession and wear on piston rings, cylinder liners and bearings during continuous severe-service operation in stationary natural gas engines.

Keeps Engine Clean

AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil is engineered with premium base oils and additives to improve engine lubrication by keeping oil passages clean. Its balanced formula allows for a high total base number (TBN) to protect against corrosion while meeting low ash requirements.

Controls Nitration

Nitration is a common concern in natural gas engines and can cause oil to thicken, reducing operational efficiency. AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil is naturally resistant to nitration, delivering maximum protection in natural gas engines.

Protects Emission Systems

AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil is formulated with low zinc and phosphorus levels to prolong the life of emission catalyst systems without sacrificing wear protection.

Delivers Continuous Protection

AMSOIL Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil is a long-life oil that has demonstrated extended oil drain intervals when carefully monitored by an oil analysis program. When extending oil drain intervals, change the oil filter at the engine manufacturer's recommended interval.


AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil is recommended for use in stationary four-stroke and select two-stroke engines that require low-ash (<.50%) engine oil and are fueled by natural gas, including those from the following manufacturers:

Cooper-Bessemer (two-stroke)
Dresser-Rand (Clark) (two-stroke)
Dresser-Rand (Worthington) (two-stroke)

MAN Brons
Mirrlees Blackstone
MWM Deutz

Wärtsilä NSD
SEMT Pielstick

Note: AMSOIL Synthetic Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oil should not be used in automotive engines or vehicular engines that run on propane or natural gas.

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