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AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube

A Cost Effective Synthetic Replacement for Mineral Gear Oil — Exceeds Lubrication Requirements for Differentials, Transfer Case, Manual Transmission, Steering Gearbox

AMSOIL Synthetic 80w90 Gear Oil,  API GL-5, MT-1, GL-4 AxleAMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube is a high quality replacement for applications specifying SAE 80w90 conventional mineral gear oil. Its synthetic construction provides improved cold temperature flow, high viscosity index and heat resistance. AMSOIL 80w90 Gear Lube contains an over treat of high quality additives, exceeding the minimum standards, providing excellent wear protection, longer equipment life, and longer oil life.

  • Provides excellent wear protection
  • Outstanding cold flow properties
  • High viscosity index
  • Effectively resists heat and oxygen
  • Maintains protective viscosity
  • Longer oil and equipment life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Compatible with conventional mineral and synthetic gear oils
  • Multifunctional gear oil for multiple applications:
    • Front and rear differentials
    • Transfer case
    • Transaxles
    • Manual transmissions
    • Wheel bearings
    • Steering gearboxes
  • API GL-5 and MT-1 gear oil
  • May be used in rear axles requiring API GL-4 gear oil
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AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube
Product Code
AGLQT-EA Quart Bottle
AGLQT-CA Quart Bottles (case of 12)
AGL1G-EA Gallon Bottle
AGL1G-CA Gallon Bottles (case of 4)
AGL05-EA 5-Gallon Pail
AGL16-EA 16-Gallon Keg
AGL30-EA 30-Gallon Drum
AGL55-EA 55-Gallon Drum
AGL27-EA 275-Gallon Tote
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AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube

Competitively Priced

The 80w90 gear oil market is predominantly mineral oil based. AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube is designed as a high quality synthetic gear oil replacement. It is a multifunctional product designed to surpass the requirements of equipment and automotive applications calling for an SAE 80w90 gear oil, while remaining competitively priced, making it an excellent choice for cost conscious customers.

Resists the Damaging Effects of Heat and Oxygen

Formulated with wax free synthetic base oils and high quality additives, AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube resists the damaging effects of heat and oxidation at temperatures much higher than conventional gear oils can resist. It will not thicken or develop sludge, even under severe operating temperatures such as those encountered in heavy hauling and fleet operation.

An Extreme Pressure (EP) Gear Oil That Effectively Increases Gear Life

AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube provides an extra margin of protection that effectively increases gear life. Its naturally high viscosity index and shear stable construction improves film strength and viscosity retention. AMSOIL 80w90 Gear Lube protects gear surfaces in high speed, shock load, low speed and high torque conditions, maintaining their viscosity when exposed to shearing forces. And EP (extreme pressure) additives provide excellent protection for gears and bearings, providing a tough lubricating film that resists wear.

Reduces Operating Temperatures

Due to its synthetic construction, AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube is extremely effective at reducing friction. When friction is reduced, excessive operating temperatures in transmissions and differentials are reduced, component wear is reduced and fuel economy is improved.

Smoother Shifting in Cold Temperatures

In low temperatures, conventional gear oils thicken and make shifting difficult. AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube is formulated with wax free synthetic base oils and high quality additives that resist low temperature thickening, providing superior component protection, smoother shifting and increased fuel economy.

Compatible with Most Limited Slip Differentials

AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube is compatible with most limited slip differentials. If limited slip differential chatter occurs, add AMSOIL Slip-Lock friction modifier additive.

Extended Oil Change Intervals

AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube has a longer service life than conventional mineral gear oils do and increases equipment life.

Cars, SUVs and Light Trucks:

Normal Service: Drain at 100,000 miles of service or according to the owner's manual, whichever is longer.

Severe Service: Drain at 50,000 miles of service or according to the owner's manual, whichever is longer.

Heavy-Duty Class 8 Truck, Commercial Equipment:

Follow the OEM drain interval (miles or hours) for synthetic oil up to 250,000 miles. Otherwise, drain at twice the OEM interval for petroleum oil.

Note: AMSOIL does not support extended oil drain intervals where water contamination occurs. Check and service the gear oil frequently when water contamination is possible. Gear oils should be changed more frequently when operating vehicles or equipment in dusty or dirty conditions unless the gear system is properly sealed and equipped with membrane type breathers.


AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube is recommended for use under various combinations of high speed, shock load, low speed and high torque conditions. It is recommended for use in all light and heavy duty, automotive, commercial or industrial applications requiring SAE 80w90 EP gear oil. AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube replaces all conventional 80w90 gear oils and exceeds the lubrication and performance requirements of front and rear differentials, transfer cases, transaxles, manual transmissions, oil-lubricated wheel bearings, and steering gearboxes that require the performance specifications listed on the AMSOIL corporate website (see below). AMSOIL 80w90 Gear Lube is an API GL-5 and MT-1 gear oil, but it may also be used in rear axles where an API GL-4 gear oil is recommended.

Performance Specifications

AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube meets or exceeds specific performance standards of various domestic and foreign manufacturers. Please visit the AMSOIL Corporate website for an up-to-date listing on AMSOIL 80w90 Synthetic Gear Lube.

AMSOIL Gear Lube Recommendation Chart

AMSOIL has optimized gear lube performance for specific operating conditions. However, AMSOIL gear lubricants are multifunctional and may be used in many different applications, as shown in the chart below. This chart conveys the best AMSOIL gear oil recommendation for each application based on product design and operating environment. First row product recommendations offers superior performance in the respective applications. Second row product recommendations offer excellent performance in the respective applications. The third row is exclusive to SAE 80w90 gear oil.

AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lube Recommendation Chart

Chart Notes:

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Return Policy

Please visit the AMSOIL, Inc. website: AMSOIL Shipping, Sales Tax and Product Return Guidelines

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