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Miracle Wash Dry Car Wash

Waterless Car Wash and Polish
Simply Spray On and Wipe Off — No Water Required!

BriteSide Miracle Wash Spray On Car WashAMSOIL's BriteSide Miracle Wash is a unique dry car wash and polish that delivers outstanding performance and is quick, easy and economical to use. This spray on car wash will clean, polish and protect any hard, nonporous surface — no water required.

BriteSide Miracle Wash is incredibly easy to use…simply spray on, use a clean terry cloth towel to spread Miracle Car Wash, and wipe clean with a second terry cloth. Protects against the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays.


  • Simply the fastest way to clean your vehicle
  • Leaves your vehicle with a super tough protective finish
  • Gives your vehicle a showroom shine without the mess of water, soap, bucket and hose
  • Repels dust
  • Offers UV protection
  • Can be used on virtually all nonporous and painted surfaces
  • Use with Mothers Polishes and Waxes
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BriteSide Miracle Wash Waterless Car Wash and Polish
Product Code
AMWSC-EA 13-Ounce Spray Cans
AMWSC-CA 13-Ounce Spray Cans (case of 6)
Wholesale prices available for retail and commercial accounts.
Please call 315-331-4642 or e-mail for more information.
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"A fresh polish and wax job looked good on my black Nissan, but a final finish with Miracle Wash was even slicker than the wax job." A.G., San Antonio, Texas

"It leaves a much deeper, more mirror-like shine than the other leading products. It almost looks wet!" M.K., North Babylon, New York

"Miracle Wash is fun to use, extremely effective, and, best of all, very economical." L.M., Salisbury, Maryland

"I used it on my daughter's expensive tuba. The instrument has never had such a slick finish — with no fingerprints and no scratches." G.K., San Antonio, Texas

How Does Miracle Wash Work?

BriteSide Miracle Wash contains specially formulated surfactants that not only lift normal dirt, road grime and dust from the surface of your vehicle, they also hold them in suspension while you wipe the surface clean. Throughout the process, Miracle Wash acts as a shield, protecting the finish of your vehicle from abrasion as you wipe it clean.

Protects Against UV Rays and Repels Dust

BriteSide Miracle Wash continues to work long after you've finished cleaning — its antistatic agents repel dust and light dirt particles that might otherwise cling to the surface of your vehicle. Miracle Wash even protects against the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Spray On Car Wash

BriteSide Miracle Wash is now available in a convenient aerosol spray. Simply spray on and, using a clean terry cloth towel, spread Miracle Wash and let the surface dry to a haze. Buff the surface with a second clean terry cloth until the haze is removed. A single wipe is usually all you need; for tough spots, use a brisk side to side motion with very little pressure.

Note: BriteSide Miracle Wash is not recommended for extremely dirty vehicles with heavy, caked-on mud, etc.

A Multitask Product — Cleans More than Just Cars!

BriteSide Miracle Wash is highly effective on virtually all nonporous and painted surfaces. At home, at work or in the shop, Miracle Wash is the only product you'll need to keep surfaces looking clean and new. Try Miracle Wash on:


Kitchen Appliances
Counter Tops
Musical Instruments

Use Miracle Wash with Mothers Polishes and Waxes

Miracle Wash is ideal for quick cleaning jobs and periodic touch-up work — it's easy and requires no water and soap. But, for a longer lasting polish, Mothers Polishes and Waxes are the right choice. Mothers Car Care Products are now available through AMSOIL.

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