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Bulk Motor Oil and Grease

Buy AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil in Bulk at Wholesale Prices
30-Gallon Drum, 55-Gallon Drum and 275-Gallon Tote

Bulk Motor Oil 55-Gallon DrumFor those who prefer to buy motor oil in bulk, many of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are available in 30-gallon and 55-gallon drums. AMSOIL also offers 275-gallon totes, the largest standard capacity packaging AMSOIL provides.

In addition to the price savings of buying motor oil in bulk, an AMSOIL Commercial Account and AMSOIL Retail Account can buy AMSOIL wholesale and save even more. Call us today at 315-331-4642 or e-mail info@superoilcentral.com to learn more! Ask for your FREE AMSOIL Product Catalog and Price List!


Bulk Motor Oil 275 Gallon Tote Benefits of the Schutz 275-Gallon Tote

  • Ideal for high bay warehousing
  • Can be stacked 3-high when full, 4-high when empty
  • 100% recyclable extrusion blow-molded translucent HDPE bottle
  • Reinforced, warp-resistant tubular steel grid jacket
  • Corner guards protect inner container
  • Interlocking pallet-to-cage design for ease of delivery and mobility, ensures safety when stacking
  • Four-way forklift access
  • 6-inch top filling ports
  • Standard 2-inch quick disconnect "cam-lock" Banjo valve with cap and lanyard
  • Provides optimum drainage for more usable product
  • Measures 40" x 48" at base, 46" high
  • DOT approved, UN certified

Note: Tanker load shipments of 3,000 gallons minimum are also available by quote.

AMSOIL Motor Oils Available in Bulk 30-Gallon Drums, 55-Gallon Drums and 275-Gallon Totes

AMSOIL Bulk Motor Oil Wholesale Price ListThe following AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are available in bulk 30-gallon drums, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes.

Please select a product to see more information about that product, but keep in mind that the prices you will see are NOT wholesale prices (AMSOIL Dealers are not authorized to post prices on the internet).

For wholesale prices on bulk motor oil, call us today at 315-331-4642 or e-mail info@superoilcentral.com for a quote. Ask for your FREE AMSOIL Product Catalog and Wholesale Price List!

Looking for Bulk Grease? AMSOIL Greases are available in 120-pound kegs and 400-pound drums.

Looking for Industrial Lubricants? AMSOIL has additional Industrial Lubricants available upon request.

What is a Tote?

A tote is an alternative packaging option that provides a means to deliver more bulk oil than the industry standard 55-gallon drum. Totes can do the job of five 55-gallon drums, sharply reducing the time and labor required for handling multiple containers.

What are Totes Made Of?

AMSOIL uses Schutz totes when packaging their bulk synthetic oil in 275-gallon containers. Schutz totes are constructed with a solid plastic tank surrounded by a steel cage. The tank is made from a heavy-duty, high-density, and 100% recyclable translucent HDPE plastic. The tank is surrounded by a reinforced, warp resistant tubular steel grid cage with corner guards to protect the inner container.

Ease of Mobility, Ensures Safety When Stacking

The 275-gallon tote is secured to a steel shipping pallet using an interlocking pallet-to-cage design for ease of delivery and mobility and to ensure safety when stacking. The pallet allows for four-way forklift access. The Schutz 275-gallon tote measures 40" x 48" at the base and is 46" high.

Maximizes Storage Space

The space required to store a tote is less than that of five 55-gallon drums. Only four drums can be transported and stored on a pallet, with a volume of 220 gallons. A tote contains 275 gallons, the equivalent of five 55-gallon drums, yet requires the space of only four drums.

Totes can be stacked three high when full and four high when empty, which is extremely space efficient in warehouses with high ceilings. The interlocking pallet to cage design ensures safety when stacking.

Recyclable, Biodegradable for Easy Disposal

Totes are completely recyclable. Since empty totes can be broken down and recycled, there is no need to store the empty product containers.

How to Dispense Motor Oil From a Tote

Schutz totes provide optimum drainage for more usable product. They have a 6-inch top filling port and a standard 2-inch quick disconnect "cam-lock" Banjo valve with cap and lanyard attached at the bottom. Electic or pneumatic pumps may be purchased from industrial supply companies for these applications.

Use to Fill On-Site Bulk Oil Storage Tanks

Some businesses use totes to fill their own on-site bulk oil storage tanks.

A word of caution: Carefully consider the fluid that was previously stored in the tank. Otherwise, you risk the potential for contamination of the AMSOIL motor oil being pumped out of the tote into the bulk oil storage tank (i.e. motor oil being drained into a tank that had previously stored anti-freeze would present a significant problem).

Bulk Motor Oil Prices and Freight

In addition to the price savings of buying motor oil in bulk, an AMSOIL Commercial Account and AMSOIL Retail Account can buy AMSOIL wholesale and save even more. Plus, the price of a tote often qualifies Commercial and Retail Accounts for a freight discount. Please call 315-331-4642 or e-mail info@superoilcentral.com for AMSOIL wholesale bulk motor oil prices.

Note: If you do not have the proper equipment to unload the tote, lift-gate service can be requested (there may be an additional charge).

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